Back in March 2015, we decided to create a Founders Club designed to cater to the wants and needs of our loyal patrons. Upon joining the club, Founders received a custom growler in addition to their club perks. Perks include 10 percent off all draft pours and growler fills. These discounts stack on other discounts, like happy hour, and also apply to the founder’s entire bill and not just the Founder alone. Founders who drink 100 different beers within their membership term receive their next year free.

Throughout the year, we tracked Founders’ unique beers and ciders and sent monthly updates detailing standings for each founder. Some reached the 100 club quickly, while others drank at their leisure and reached the 100 club gradually. The Founders Club has created competition, camaraderie, and expanded palates.

The charts below display each Founder’s efforts to reach 100 unique beers and ciders consumed through February 2016. Members #10, #43, and #61 have reached this goal, bringing the total to 20 Founders achieving centurion status. Member #10 really kicked it up a notch and consumed 27 different beers this month! The rest of you can only strive for that kind of greatness. Slow clap for you, Member #10!

Additionally, the pie chart below details the most popular beers consumed by members in February. Black Raven was the big winner, with four of their beers (Birdserker Triple IPA, Coco Jones Coconut Porter, Second Sight Scotch Ale, and Kitty Kat Blues) making the top ten.

02-2016_Popular*Note: Because of a tie between beers, more than 10 beers are shown.

Thanks for your support and keep on drinking craft beer!

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