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As your memberships approach their expiration dates, many of you have increased your consumption and broadened your palates in an effort to reach centurion status before it’s too late. For some of you, the time has passed, but we certainly hope you will renew your membership and try again next year. Members #12, #39, and #51 work best under pressure and reached centurion status just before time expired. Congrats! Leaderboard standings through March 2016 are displayed below by member ID number.



The Top 10

As evidenced by the pie chart below, our Founders have both sophisticated and diverse palates. Naked City’s Charlie’s Golden Ticket Chocolate Golden Ale and Boneyard’s Notorious Triple IPA were the most popular beers consumed by Founders in March. Charlie’s Golden Ticket is a golden ale brewed with cocoa nibs, making it one of our most unique offerings yet while Boneyard’s Notorious is one of the most balanced, world-class triple IPAs we’ve ever encountered.


Total Savings: March 2015-March 2016

As your memberships come to a close and you contemplate whether or not to renew your membership for the 2016-2017 drinking season, we’ve compiled some data to show your total membership savings throughout the past year. Members saved an average of $102.95, which is more than the initial fee to join of $75. Many of you really took advantage of your membership, while some of you did not fully realize your membership perks. At any rate, we hope to see ALL of you back for year two.

Total Savings

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