Leaderboard Results

June has come to a close and with that begins a new year of competitive drinking and personal beer goals. With The Hopportunist Club now requiring members to achieve bicentenary status to receive next year’s membership for free, many of you hit the ground running. Nine members already have 20 or more unique beers, but member #35 has truly emerged as the clear leader with 55 unique beers consumed in one month’s time! You are truly an inspiration! The leaderboard charts below display each member’s count through June 30th, 2016.

06-2016_LB1 06-2016_LB2

The Top 10

IPA, IPA, IPA! Nothing marks the beginning of summer more than a nice, refreshing, hoppy IPA. Of the most popular beers consumed by members in June, 10 of them were IPA’s. Georgetown’s Bodhizafa, Ft George’s 3-Way, and Stone’s Enjoy By 7.4.16 were particularly popular among members as they rounded out the top three most popular beers consumed in June.


Total Savings

While joining the club produces friendly (and not-so-friendly) competition among members, the real perk of joining is the savings. Members saved an average of $20 – that’s 20 percent of your membership fee! The table below displays each member’s total savings by ID number. Simply click your member ID number in the box to the right of the table to see your total savings and your total consumption during the month of June.

Thanks for your support and keep on drinking craft beer!

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