Leaderboard Standings

Member #35 is still atop the leaderboard with 139 unique beers consumed; however, member #52 is gaining some serious ground with 112 unique beers consumed. These two Hopportunists will reach bicentenary status in no time! Fall is here and the pumpkin and Oktoberfest beers are a-brewin’- plenty of new hopportunities to add to your personal beer goals. Check out the charts below to see the complete Hopportunist standings.

08-2016_LB108-2016_LB2The Top 10

Skookum’s Rye Porter*, Loowit’s Koronides IPA, and Knee Deep’s Hoptologist Double IPA were the top 3 beers consumed by members last month. Check out the pie chart below to see the complete list.

08-2016_Popular*Quantity consumed is skewed by member #35’s preference for this beer. #35 drank 75% of the porter consumed by members.

Total Savings

Through the first three months of imbibing as Hopportunists, members have saved an average of about $57. Interact with the embedded workbook below to see your total savings by month as well as your unique beers consumed. Use the timeline to toggle between months and use the Member ID table to select individual ID numbers.

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