Leaderboard Standings

After four months of imbibing, members #35 and #52 still hold a commanding lead in the race to bicentenary status and a free membership. Members #50 and #60 are almost halfway there! Check out the leaderboard charts below for a complete breakdown of each member’s consumption through September 30, 2016.

09-2016_lb1 09-2016_lb2

The Top 10

For the third month in a row, dark beers reign. While many IPA’s made the top 10, Midnight Sun’s TREAT Pumpkin Porter and Postdoc’s Cram Session Porter were the most popular beers consumed among members in September. Check out the pie chart below for a detailed look at the top 10.


Total Savings

While competitive beer drinking and achieving your personal beer goals is tons of fun, the real perk of being a Hopportunist is the savings. After four months, members have saved an average of approximately $73 – nearly 75 percent of your membership fee! Interact with the embedded workbook below to see your total savings by month as well as your unique beers consumed. Use the timeline to toggle between months and use the Member ID table to select individual ID numbers.

Thanks for your support and keep on drinking craft beer!

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