So what is a triple IPA and why is everyone so crazy about it?

While the Triple IPA has not yet been added to the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) style guidelines, it is nonetheless carving out a niche market among craft beer drinkers. The Triple IPA can be best defined as a step above the double or imperial IPA. It clocks in at roughly 10% ABV and is characterized by massive hop character and aroma as well as bold malt flavor, according to Kendall Jones of the Washington Beer Blog.

Triple IPAs have become increasingly popular over the last several years and craft beer drinkers have sought after many out-of-state breweries to satisfy their hop needs. Every February, thousands line up outside Santa Rosa’s Russian River Brewery hoping for a taste of Pliney the Younger. Hop Mob was created to showcase the triple IPAs brewed right here in Washington. Washington is home to over 330 breweries and 75 -80 percent of the nation’s annual hop crop. Hop Mob is not only an appreciation of the Triple IPA, but a celebration of the bond between hop farmers and breweries.

The 3rd Annual Hop Mob Roadshow kicked off on February 2, 2017 with many events held around the Puget Sound Region. We held our event, The Thirsty Hop Mob on Saturday, February 11 and featured triple IPAs from 11 Washington breweries including: Bale Breaker, Aslan Organic, Kulshan, Wander, Skookum, Fremont, Seapine, Three Magnets, Postdoc, Boundary Bay, and Reuben’s Brews. We asked our patrons to cast their votes for their favorite palate wrecker. As shown in the chart below, Skookum’s Almost Made It was the clear winner with 33 percent of the vote. Bale Breaker’s Mount Saint Humulus and Reuben’s Brews Blimey the Bitter came in second and third place, respectively. Thanks to all who came out in support of this movement and got hop mobbed. Until next year!

*Not all patrons who voted tried all 11 triple IPAs

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