Leaderboard Standings

With only 28 days to work on your personal beers goals, members #50 and #60 rose to the challenge and achieved bicentenary drinking status. We’re not worthy! That makes four members in total who have achieved frothy greatness. Check out the leaderboard charts below for a detailed look at February’s consumption.

The Top 10

Even though Loowit’s Grimlock Porter was the most popular beer consumed among members last month, IPAs dominated the rest of the top 10. Our participation in Washington’s Hop Mob Roadshow might have had something to do with the heavy IPA influence. Check out the pie chart below for the complete top 10.

Total Savings

Overall, members have saved an average of about $128 with their membership and over half of all Hopportunists have already saved more than their membership fee. For the data geeks among you, click the link to interact with the data – Total Savings Workbook.

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