Kickoff Event

It’s almost that time again. The 9th Annual Seattle Beer Week kicks off Thursday, May 4 at Flatstick Pub in Pioneer Square where the first official SBW #9 beer, brewed by Bale Breaker, will be tapped. Fresh Off the Farm IPA was brewed in a hop field just minutes from downtown Yakima. At 6.3% and 50 IBUs, this beer gives off a huge hop aroma on a clean Pilsner malt base while perfectly showcasing a few of the newest and most exciting hop varieties from the family hop farm. This beer bring farm fresh flavor no matter where it’s poured.

Events At Thirsty Hop

Thirsty Hop will be participating in this wonderful appreciation of Seattle’s craft beer community by providing a slew of tasting events, specials, and other beer fun for patrons to partake in. We’re bringing back Orcas and Alpha Distributing to square off and showcase their best beer selections for your enjoyment. Additionally, we’ve been stockpiling some dark and tasty treasures to share on our Lights Out Imperial Stout Showcase on Saturday, May 13. Check out our full SBW event calendar below:


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