Kickoff Event

Citrus Galaxy: Darn tasty IPA

The 10th Annual Seattle Beer Week kicks off Thursday, May 10 with the tapping of the official Seattle Beer Week beer and the ritual reading of the proclamation at Georgetown Brewing. This year’s official beer, Citrus Galaxy, was brewed by Georgetown. Traveling across the galaxy, Georgetown brings you this cosmic array of flavors and aromas bursting with fresh cut oranges, ripened pineapple and mangoes. At 6.5%, this beer will take you on a crushable citrus voyage.

Events At Thirsty Hop

Thirsty Hop will be participating in this wonderful appreciation of Seattle’s craft beer community by providing a slew of tasting events, specials, and other beer fun for patrons to partake in. Orcas Distributing will be showcasing some of their best beer selections for your enjoyment. Additionally, we’ve been stockpiling some dark and tasty treasures to share on our Lights Out Imperial Stout Showcase on Saturday, May 12. Check out our full SBW event calendar below:


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