Clone 7 Red BlendColumbia Valley, WA14.3%$7$23Generous and broad with a dense mid palate of Bing cherry and dark caramel with nuances of herbs and roasted meat and balanced tannins.
Line 39 Cabernet SauvignonParlier, CA13.5%$9$31Cabernet Sauvignon exhibits rich fruit flavors of currant, blackberry and ripe plum with hints of black tea on the palate. The wine finishes with subtle, smooth tannin's that don’t overpower this easy-to-drink Cab.
Charles & Charles RoséColumbia Valley, WA11.4%$8$27Pink wine with notes of bright citrus, wild raspberry and cherry, rose petal and lavender. Pure, balanced dry wine with broad mid-palate and a tangy, bright finish.
Dark Horse ChardonnaySonoma, CA 13.5%$7$23Baked apple and peach aromas are layered with buttery notes of caramel and oak. The rich, creamy characteristics of this California wine are nicely complemented by refreshingly crisp acidity, culminating in a smooth, lingering finish.
Bold Leaf Pinot GrisCorvallis, OR12.0%$14 (12oz can)N/AMade with Oregon grown Pinot Gris grapes this wine has strong gooseberry and white grape profile, notes of elderflower, honeydew, citrus and pear. 
Alex Nicole Sauvignon BlancHorse Heaven Hills, WA13.2%$9$31Mouth-watering, textural acidity and a juicy core of citrus fruit exudes notes of crunchy greens and tropical guava on the nose.
La Marca ProseccoProsecco, IT11.0%$9N/ALa Marca Prosecco sparkles with lively effervescence. Opening with aromas of fresh-picked citrus and honeysuckle blossoms, the crisp, clean palate brings fruit notes of juicy peach, ripe pear, green apple and fresh-cut lemon, framed by hints of minerality. The finish is light and refreshing with a tantalizing hint of sweetness.
JFJ Sparkling WineCeres, CA11.0%$6N/AThis is a pale-colored sparkling wine that is filled with fruity aromas. Taste this sparkling wine with mingled flavors of apples, limes, pears, and a bit of nutty character. A clean and balanced finish will have you asking for another glass.
Bold Leaf Pinot Bubbly RoséCorvallis, OR12.0%$14 (12oz can)N/AMade with Oregon grown Pinot Noir grapes and has light and fresh strawberry notes, hints of confectionary, stone fruit, and citrus.

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